Is Self Serve Taps Just For Beer?

Not at all! Our technology is used to serve other kegged beverages, such as wine, cocktails, coffee, kombucha and more.

Is Self Pour Legal?

Yes, with some exceptions. Our self pour technology is implemented in a large number of states and countries around the world. States who have not yet legalized self serve technology include: Utah, Oregon, Connecticut, New Mexico, Montana, and Vermont, but we are working with local legislators to change that.

How Does Your Technology Comply With State Alcohol Consumption Laws?

Our technology is built to be fully customizable to fit your state or business needs. Guests can be limited to a set number of ounces / glasses before needing to check in with a staff member to prevent over consumption. Each beverage can be set to different ounce / glass limits since beer, wine, cocktails, etc. have different alcohol percentages.

What Other Costs Should I Consider?

It depends on which system you are interested in. Tap Walls and Towers will need a walk-in cooler for keg storage as well as some construction of the wall / countertop our system will be installed on.

How Fast Can You Install My Self Serve System?

Turnaround from when a deal is made to installation can be as quick as 2-4 weeks! We’re quicker than the rest because we have worked to fine tune our operations for efficient installation and prep time.