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  • Is Self Serve Taps Just For Beer?
    Not at all! Our technology is used to serve other kegged beverages, such as wine, cocktails, coffee, kombucha and more.
  • Is Self Pour Legal?
    Yes, with some exceptions. Our self pour technology is implemented in a large number of states and countries around the world. States who have not yet legalized self serve technology include: Utah, Oregon, Connecticut, New Mexico, Montana, and Vermont, but we are working with local legislators to change that.
  • How Does Your Technology Comply With State Alcohol Consumption Laws?
    Our technology is built to be fully customizable to fit your state or business needs. Guests can be limited to a set number of ounces / glasses before needing to check in with a staff member to prevent over consumption. Each beverage can be set to different ounce / glass limits since beer, wine, cocktails, etc. have different alcohol percentages.
  • What Other Costs Should I Consider?
    It depends on which system you are interested in. Tap Walls and Towers will need a walk-in cooler for keg storage as well as some construction of the wall / countertop our system will be installed on.
  • How Fast Can You Install My Self Serve System?
    Turnaround from when a deal is made to installation can be as quick as 2-4 weeks! We’re quicker than the rest because we have worked to fine tune our operations for efficient installation and prep time.
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