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Liquid Life was created when our founders searched to take their 25+ years of experience in keg distribution and draft pouring systems to the next level. They found companies creating self serve tap technology and knew that was exactly what they were looking for.


They met with all the companies who were currently creating and implementing self serve systems and found that Drink Command had the best equipment, coding, and overall system by far. We run our company like a family, and after meeting Drink Command's amazing staff of employees, coders, and engineers, our founders knew they were the perfect people to partner with in this new frontier of beverage serving technology!

From developing our partnership with Drink Command in 2018, we have since installed systems all over North and South America. We work with military bases, hotel groups, restaurants, and business owners who have a passion for the newest innovations to serve their guests and patrons. We now have a self serve installation on all major continents (excluding Antarctica), and are expanding our client base every day.  

We pride ourselves on being the best in the market and learning new crafts from the best in the industry. We are a company built on diversity and innovation and plan to keep innovating and creating even better products as we grow!



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Drink Command was founded in Ireland in 2014 and is part of BTI engineering. BTI specializes in draft systems and refrigeration equipment, working with some of the biggest names in draft beer. BTI decided to continue expanding their knowledge and expertise into self serve tap technology.


Drink Command has proven time and time again they’ve developed the most reliable and durable self serve technology in the industry, and continue to grow their innovations and technology.

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